About Us


Basehor's Premiere Adult Living Community

 If you are ready to enjoy the peace of mind that comes with maintenance free living, then you should consider Pebblebrooke Villas. You will love being part of Basehor’s finest retirement community. 

Who We are

 The concept of building Pebblebrooke Adult Living Community came about when John and Debbie Bonee, builder and owners of the retirement community began looking for a retirement living option for a relative. “The only housing available was either government subsidized and had income restrictions or was astronomically expensive”, says Mr. Bonee. “Neither one of these were viable options for our family member”. John and Debbie set out to create an independent living community for people 55 and over that was both affordable and luxurious. By not using any government subsidies or tax credits, people are not excluded from living in Pebblebrooke because they make too much money.

In other living options that were researched, most provided minimal services such as housekeeping or a meal or two a day and thus charged exorbitant prices. Our family member was perfectly capable of cleaning their own place and making their own meals and didn’t really want to pay extra for these services. The only option available for independent living was your typical apartment or townhome type community that wasn’t restricted by age. Your next door neighbor could have small children or teenagers. Our family member liked the idea of living in an active “senior” community with people who had similar interests. Thus the idea of Pebblebrooke began to grow. Plans were drawn, property was bought in our hometown, and the development took shape over a two-year period.

The first villas in Pebblebrooke Phase I were occupied in October, 2001. Phase I was completed in October 2002 with 35 units and a community clubhouse. All villas were leased as they were completed and a waiting list was started. Pebblebrooke was deemed a success! John and Debbie had fulfilled a vision. The residents enjoyed one-level living, attached garages, and plenty of green space. Activities were planned, neighbors became friends and a close-knit community, where people helped their neighbors, was born.

In 2008 an adjacent piece of property was purchased and plans to expand were created. In 2010 Phase II was completed bringing the total number of villas to 55. Pebblebrooke was built and is managed by John and Debbie Bonee. “Local ownership may not seem like a big deal to people at first, but once residents move in and get the hands on service from the owners, they realize what a bonus it is”, says long-time resident Ellen Green. 


Join Our Active Community

 Whether you are a social butterfly, or just looking for a place to enjoy some peace and quiet, Pebblebrooke offers something for every lifestyle. We have games, crafts, fitness activities, book club, gardening and plenty of opportunities for social eating from potlucks to birthday celebrations